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1600 watt EasyLine steam iron - ESI4017 | Electrolux Thailand

Smooth glide, superior ironing

The super-smooth non-stick coating on the soleplate ensures effortless glide, allowing you to iron every day without tripping, wrinkling or pulling.


Vertical steam injection

Ironing furniture and curtains has never been easier thanks to the vertical steam function. This function is also very convenient when you do not have an ironing board. You can switch from horizontal to vertical ironing and experience convenience and ease.
Bàn ủi hơi nước ESI5126 - Xám đậm ánh xanh


1600 watt EasyLine steam iron - ESI4017 | Electrolux Thailand

Iron the hardest areas

No area is too difficult with the Expert ProTip soleplate. With stainless steel, the soleplate can reach the most difficult areas, flattening the collar and the area between the buttons with ease. You can even iron pleated skirts.


Hot soleplate warning light

The heat-sensitive SafeTouch indicator will let you know when the iron is safe and accessible. When the indicator light is red it means the soleplate is hot, and when the indicator light is off, you can safely touch the iron without worrying about burns or injury.
1600 watt EasyLine steam iron - ESI4017 | Electrolux Thailand


1600 watt EasyLine steam iron - ESI4017 | Electrolux Thailand

Convenient automatic cleaning

The automatic cleaning feature cleans the inside of the iron with ease and prolongs the life of the iron. When the auto cleaning mode is activated, hot water and steam are ejected from the holes in the soleplate and carry away impurities and residue.


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  • aterial Colour Cerulean
  • Length of Cord (m) 1.8 m / 1 axis rotation cord
  • Steam Release Rate (g/min) 0-30 g/min
  • Steam Shot Rate (g/min) 90g/min
  • Typology Steam
  • Voltage (V) 220-240
  • Electrical Connection (W) 1600
  • Lamp Type Hot soleplate indicator
  • Type of plate Stainless steel
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